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 Dr. Cari

Do you ever feel like there’s a disconnect between the vibrant, capable person you are inside and the health and life you’re living?

You know you’re meant for more – to feel great, to wield your inner strength, and to lead a life you love.  Yet, it feels just out of reach. What if there’s a way to bridge that gap? Are you ready to unlock the health and life you truly deserve?

Your Menopause Midwife

Midwifing Women Through the Menopausal Change

Feeling ready for a change but lost about where to start?

 You’re not alone. Many of us know we can feel better and yearn to make changes, yet taking that first step seems daunting. Maybe you’ve tried various solutions, but nothing sticks. Maybe you know just what to do, but aren’t able to do it. Or perhaps you’ve always felt a bit like an outsider – a round peg in a square hole – pushing too hard or dimming your light to fit in. This struggle can seep into every aspect of life, from relationships to health.

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Long to feel better but don’t know where to begin.
  • Understand what you ‘should’ do but struggle to take action.
  • Dream of playing a bigger role in your life but are stuck.
  • Have tried ‘everything’ but haven’t found success.

“My own journey through health challenges taught me invaluable lessons. If I can use my experiences to help you stop suffering, feel better, and fully express who you are, then every challenge I’ve faced serves an important purpose. Together, let’s embark on a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.”

Healing is a journey. 

One that flourishes with powerful, compassionate support. I understand that true healing encompasses not just the body, but also the heart, emotions, thoughts, and habits. This holistic approach is at the core of the Body Stress Analysis System I’ve developed, drawing from my extensive experience. It’s crafted to be 100% individualized because your journey is unique.

As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, licensed in California as a primary care provider, I bring over 24 years of experience in aiding individuals and groups to enhance their health and transform their lives. My expertise, including the creation of the Body Stress Analysis Healing System, authorship of the bestseller ‘The Food Solution’, and founder of Your Menopause Midwife, is dedicated to your healing. I train and mentor other doctors, however my primary focus remains on providing one-on-one care and group programs, all aimed at supporting you and many others on your paths to wellness.

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“In addition to her years of scholarly study and clinical experience, she is a highly empathic human being.  She sees her patients holistically, and designs specific, personal regimens for each one.  She is kind, funny, patient, and is excelled at reading not just what her patients need, but more importantly, what they can handle.  She won’t push someone to do something that they are not in agreement with, because she knows it won’t work for them.  Her philosophy is that the client’s mind, body and emotions have to be in agreement with the treatment, for it to be effective.

The word ‘healer’ is over-used these days, but Cari Schaefer is the Real Deal…Recommended.”

Abigail Jaye

Recording Artist & Breath Work Facilitator

“Words can not express the amount of respect and appreciation that I have for Cari.  I suffered from hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.  She helped me identify the root causes emotionally and physically.  With Cari’s amazing talent for finding the stresses that caused this condition, I was able to heal and continue to support my body.  I continue to see Cari for all my health issues.  Her love and care along with her expertise always make me feel confident that I will be taken care of.  I recommend all my clients and friends to Cari because I know they will feel better after being in her care.”

Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Reiki Master

“I was so fortunate to have found Cari Schaefer!  I suddenly had an enlarged thyroid gland, it literally looked like I swallowed a golf ball.  I reached out to Cari who was so warm and positive.  She was encouraging about the healthy life style choices I had been making, but after a detailed analysis of my diet, energy, emotions, and through muscle testing she offered me a solution that turned my life around.  After three months the thyroid gland enlargement was gone.  Now I am on daily supplements that support my energy and outlook.  I have been told by several friends and colleagues that I look younger than I did five years ago.  More importantly, I feel like I not only have a knowledgable natural medicine woman as my guide, but a lifelong friend who truly cares about the quality of my life.  Thank you Cari!”

Debra De Liso

Award Winning Theatre Artist, Faculty at USC and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

“If you sense that deep within you there’s a well of untapped potential, a powerful and vibrant being just waiting to emerge, we’re likely to be a perfect match.

Working together, we can unlock that inner strength and bring it to the surface. It’s about finding your true self; it’s about actively freeing yourself from the experiences of your past, unleashing your true nature, and creating a life love.

I cherish the opportunity to guide and witness your transformation. When you grow and thrive, we both succeed in this journey. If you’re ready to explore the full depth of your potential and see how far we can go together, let’s connect. Take the first step and reach out today to begin this life-changing journey.”

A journey starts with a first step!

            Why not take yours today?

Prepare to embark on a health journey that’s truly unique – a path you’ve never walked before!

This isn’t just about temporary fixes; it’s an enlightening experience designed to teach you the art of wellness. With each step, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and skills that will transform your approach to health and life.

Imagine mastering the secrets to lasting well-being. That’s what awaits you. So, as you move forward to the testimonials, picture yourself in their stories, and see how this journey could unfold for you. If you feel inspired, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Are you ready to learn how to be well, not just for now, but for a lifetime?


Unique You, Unique Solutions. Every journey is personalized for your specific needs. Start your custom health transformation today!

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Your Menopause Midwife

Supporting you to navigate Menopause with confidence. Experience a smoother transition through menopause with tailored guidance. Understand the changes in your body, mind, and life. Transform ‘happening to you’ into ‘happening for you’. Your journey, empowered.”

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“The Secrets to Managing Menopausal Weight Gain”

by Dr. Cari Schaefer, DACM

“I have met Cari four years ago and this visit has changed my life forever.  In the beginning Cari and I were working on my digestive issues, but after awhile I have discovered so many areas that we were targeting with our work.  Cari is a beautiful human, caring, loving, very knowledgable and versatile practitioner, and one of my go-to health practitioners in town.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have met her.”
Marina Kolaric

Health Coach

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