The Body Is Amazing!

My Philosophy

The body knows…

I know the body is amazing… when we give it what it needs and remove any barriers to normal function, it will do the only thing it knows how to do: HEAL.

If it’s not healing, there is something blocking the path and if you find and remove that block, health can restore.

My approach to making you well again is to find and remove your specific blockages to healing and health. I do this through a combination of modalities.

We combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the latest in Functional Nutritional Medicine, with cutting edge Stress Reduction Techniques to support you on your total life healing.

  • State of the art lab testing.
  • A Biofeedback system to identify stress on the body and remove any barriers blocking healing.
  • A custom designed nutrition protocol to help your body and mind clear stored toxins and rebuild.
  • Individualized care to make changes that support your body to heal.
  • Identifying and releasing Outdated Survival Programming, which is blocking you from making choices that support health and healing.

When all of these techniques are combined together you have a 100% individualized health system that addresses not only the needs of your body, but also helps you to reconnect to your deepest self, allowing you to fully express once more.

What are the things that can block a body from healing? 

Your body is a map imprinted with the food you have eaten, the chemicals you have come in contact with, the illnesses that have challenged you, the way you walk, sit, move, what you think, feel or avoid feeling, and the Outdated Survival Programming that directs your subconscious reactions and choices. 

When we make choices that are not loving and supportive of our wellbeing, it is either coming from a lack of knowledge or it is coming from an inability to apply the knowledge you have. 

When we do not apply the knowledge we have, it is because we are making choices that serve something that feels more important on a subconscious emotional level than what is actually healthy and good for us, or an Outdated Survival Program.

The following factors are the major blocks to good health: 

  • Poor nutrition in the food we are eating
  • The health of our micro-biome, or digestive system
  • Past illnesses and their residual effects – internal stresses on the body
  • An overdose of chemicals and heavy metals in our food or environment
  • How we care for our body, exercise, movement, etc.
  • Our attitude and beliefs toward ourselves, others, and our health – external stresses on the body
  • And Outdated Survival Programming blocking our healthy choices and our ability to heal

How can you ‘unblock’ your body’s ability to heal?

“Nothing impacts health more than the choices you make every day because your choices dictate whether your body is getting what it needs and/or whether there are barriers blocking it from healing.”

If you are rushing around, skipping meals, eating on the go, over-working, over-sitting, busy, busy, busy, unable to do the things you dream of, unable to make the choices you want to make, feeling exhausted and old for your age…then you have Outdated Survival Programs dictating your choices on a subconscious level.

The best way to unblock any or all of these factors is to identify the ones directly affecting your current health and create a program to remove those barriers.

The system I designed to help you succeed combines…

By clearing out the affects of your past choices, supporting you to release Outdated Survival Programming, and teaching you how to be successful at making health-filled choices, we support you on all levels so you can have a body you love and the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This is my passion: I do not want anyone to live a life limited by poor health and low self image, especially when it is avoidable. I want you to have the health and the life of your dreams.

“Give the body what it needs, remove any barriers and it will do the only thing it knows how to do: HEAL.”

What about stress, how can I remove that from my busy life?

To be healthy, truly healthy, the overall stress level in your body must be decreased to make room for a more vibrant system to exist.

To do this we must increase the nutrients available to your cells. We must decrease the toxins that have built up in your system, and for lasting results, we must increase your ability to feel safe, to trust, to self-accept and to self-love.

By changing the environment the body lives in and your emotional and mental reality, we can dramatically reduce the levels of stress in your life.

This is what we do together:

  • Teach you to eat to nourish your body.
  • Help you identify the choices you are making that are blocking healing contributing to your health issues and keeping you stuck in your life.
  • Support your body to detoxify and heal.
  • Help you identify and release Outdated Survival Programming that is hidden in your subconscious, blocking healing, and limiting your ability to make choices that support health and vitality.

I use life transformation as a vehicle for health restoration.

As you learn to different make choices, choices based in care rather than fear, your whole system will shift. It has to. As the energy going into a system, in this case, your body, changes, the system has to change.

As you increase your ability to make new choices, to take better care of yourself, your health improves. As your health improves your life changes. It has to. It is impossible for a system to stay the same if it’s environment changes. Make enough good changes and your life will transform.

As your system changes, we will be supporting you to increase your ability to self-accept and self-love. When you increase your ability to self-accept and self-love things change even more. In an environment of increased acceptance and love healing occurs on an even deeper level.

As healing occurs space is created. In that space, there is now room for your dreams to materialize: the relationship you yearn for to show up: a new job you love to appear: your life’s purpose to become clear.

If you are reading this and something inside of you is saying, YES!

And yet there is that other voice saying” I do not have the time, I have to many other people to think of,” or “I’m too busy at work, how can I possibly fit another thing in?”

To you I would say, two things:

  • Learning to take care of yourself and actually doing it, is the most unselfish thing you can do. By taking care of yourself you increase your ability to show-up for everyone else in your life.
  • The voice that says “I do not have the time,” is the voice from your past that still feels you have to work hard, struggle, and be vigilant, to survive and deserve what you have. Neither of which is true.
  • Being the full expression of your authentic vibrant self is the greatest gift you can offer, when you are your authentic vibrant self, doing good in the world is a natural unavoidable occurrence.

I learned this the hard way, I missed many of the joys in life because I was too busy surviving instead of thriving. I missed many of the joys in life because I waited too long to learn how to be well. When you are not well it affects every person and every aspect of your life. Doing this work is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, and to the planet.


“The Secrets to Managing Menopausal Weight Gain”

by Dr. Cari Schaefer, DACM

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