“The Secrets to Managing Menopausal Weight Gain”

by Dr. Cari Schaefer, DACM

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“I met Cari four years ago and this visit changed my life forever.  In the beginning Cari and I were working on my digestive issues, but after awhile I have discovered so many areas that we were targeting with our work.  Cari is a beautiful human, caring, loving, very knowledgable and versatile practitioner, and one of my go-to health practitioners in town.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have met her.”

Marina Kolaric

Author, Speaker & Transformational Life Coach

“Cari is a master at what she does – she helped me identify a hormonal imbalance that was being caused by a skin cream I didn’t even know had hormones in it. Cari’s knowledge, wisdom and intuition makes her one of the best in her field. She’s the real deal!”
Sandra Biskind

International #1 best selling author of the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, Speaker & Transformational Life Coach

“In addition to her years of scholarly study and clinical experience, she is a highly empathic human being.  She sees her patients holistically, and designs specific, personal regimens for each one.  She is kind, funny, patient, and is excelled at reading not just what her patients need, but more importantly, what they can handle.  She won’t push someone to do something that they are not in agreement with, because she knows it won’t work for them.  Her philosophy is that the client’s mind, body and emotions have to be in agreement with the treatment, for it to be effective.

The word ‘healer’ is over-used these days, but Cari Schaefer is the Real Deal.  Recommended.”

Abigail Jaye

Recording Artist & Breath Work Facilitator

“Words can not express the amount of respect and appreciation that I have for Cari.  I suffered from hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. She helped me identify the root causes emotionally and physically.  With Cari’s amazing talent for finding the stresses that caused this condition, I was able to heal and continue to support my body.  I continue to see Cari for all my health issues.  Her love and care along with her expertise always make me feel confident that I will be taken care of.  I recommend all my clients and friends to Cari because I know they will feel better after being in her care.”
Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Reiki Master

“I absolutely adore Cari.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable at what she does, but her way of connecting and caring for her clients is what makes her so incredibly unique.  Cari has helped me improve my health by tapping into the emotional layers that are standing in the way of my wellbeing.  She helps you connect with those pieces so you can release them AND create space for your body to get back in balance.  Cari gives you exactly what your body needs to heal itself gracefully.  I can’t say enough good things about her!  Cari has been instrumental for me during one of the most challenging times of my life.”
Adriana Sorgi

Empowerment and Transformation Coach

“Cari is a modern-day medicine woman and my go-to for staying vibrant and healthy the natural way. I originally went to her for a recurring issue that layer by layer, she helped uncover the root cause and I’m happy to say is no longer an issue. Now with the full life I lead, Cari remains a staple in my calendar so that my body (physically and energetically) stays strong. Cari is a brilliant woman with a huge heart. If you’re interested in having phenomenal health, go see her!”

Deborah Kagan

Speaker/Author/Mojo Recovery Specialist

“I was so fortunate to have found Cari Schaefer!  I suddenly had an enlarged thyroid gland, it literally looked like I swallowed a golf ball.  I reached out to Cari who was so warm and positive.  She was encouraging about the healthy life style choices I had been making, but after a detailed analysis of my diet, energy, emotions, and through muscle testing she offered me a solution that turned my life around.  After three months the thyroid gland enlargement was gone.  Now I am on daily supplements that support my energy and outlook.  I have been told by several friends and colleagues that I look younger than I did five years ago.  More importantly, I feel like I not only have a knowledgable natural medicine woman as my guide, but a lifelong friend who truly cares about the quality of my life.  Thank you Cari!”
Debra De Liso

Award Winning Theatre Artist, Faculty at USC and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

“Over weight, depressed, on too many medications. Not eating healthy, chronic heartburn, allergies, anxiety, gas, bloated, irritable. Since starting the Program I’ve lost 30 lbs., gotten off all allergy medication, anxiety was all food related. I only get it when I eat poorly. What a great program. My life has changed so much for the better.”

C. K.

“Working with Cari has been a true gift. When I arrived at her office I was a confused and exhausted mess. I had skin and stomach issues that stemmed from food allergies, stress and unexplained IBS that had been bothering me for over 7 years. Through addressing nutritional issues in my diet, body work, and emotional work, Cari supported me through it all. In her, I found a doctor who hears me, sees me, listens to me, but more importantly believes in me and my body’s ability to heal. Today, my skin and stomach have normalized and my relationship with my body is stronger and healthier than ever! Though I also had to do my own inner work along the way, Cari was the guiding light through it all. I’m forever grateful that my healing journey led me to her!”

Bex Marsh

“A rare combination of know-how and intuition, Cari has helped me to become a more clear, more true version of myself. With her guidance, I have been able to clearly see and work through issues that have dominated my 48 years. I’ve never felt better physically or emotionally as I have since working with her-she is a blessing and a gift, can’t say thank you enough!”

Rebekah McCarthy

“Cari is an extraordinary blend of brains and heart.  Her knowledge about health and nutrition is incredibly extensive, so much so that any question I had was answered.  What really makes Cari unique is her intuition, compassion  and ability to treat at every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I feel like I am in the best of hands under her care.”

Christine Hassler

Master Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcast and TV Host

“Extreme depression, tired all the time, I wasn’t sleeping on a schedule at night, I had gained weight and was craving all foods not considered healthy. In just a few weeks, my sleeping is much better, depression is only slight. I would say my attitude and spirit have changed. I am less moody and sad.”


“I learned to eat healthy, my energy level went up and my stress level went down. I am very satisfied with what I’m eating and I now have the confidence that I can achieve my goals. Sometimes when you change your eating habits, it’s hard, but this feels easy! Someone told me today, ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but instead of growing older, you are growing younger’!”

Hranush Kyolyan

“Just do this! You are eating and losing weight with healthy food and it’s easy. Come to the Sustainable Health Center and learn how to lose weight and be healthy, and slow down your aging process by eating whole, nutritious foods! I have already noticed my skin looking younger, I feel less stress and I feel great about myself!”

Anahit Petrosyan

I was adrift in my own non-wellness.  I had no sense of my body or what it needed to be well or why it was chronically fatigued, sickly, suffering.  I was enduring life, versus living it. Now I have a true relationship to my body.  I love the vehicle that is my physical self.  I know what it needs and how to give it the support to be well, to thrive, to keep moving to higher and higher levels of homeostasis.   This process is not without its challenges, but like working out, we do not build strength without resistance.  That said, KNOWING what is going on makes the process of growth exciting and rewarding versus daunting and unpleasant.  In my toolbox for perfecting the art of living, I have new brushes, paints, techniques and the creation that is unfolding with Cari’s help is a LIVING work.”

Wes Stevens

I’ve been working with Cari for just over a year now.  I first noticed the amazing difference in the overall wellness of 2 of my friends. I had suffered 2 enormous losses-my Husband and my Mother in 6 months. I’m an emotional eater and have had a weight problem since childhood.  Cari has patiently worked with me and I’ve made tremendous progress!  Cari has taught me so much about my body and how, what I do or do not put in it, affects my health. Actually I don’t know where I’d be today without her!  She truly listens and gets to know her clients. She is always positive and points out all the good things I’ve accomplished. The attribute that I respect the most about Cari is that she is non-judgmental. If I mess up she does not make me feel bad about myself, rather she points out positive attributes and encourages me.

Judy Hafer

“A few years ago, I had a sudden onset of rashes all over my body.  It was so bad, I felt like crawling out of my skin!  I went to an internist then a dermatologist who gave me topical creams and a couple of steroid injections.  On a referral, I came to Cari Schaefer and within 2 weeks my rashes were clearing up and I felt human again!  I continue to come to Cari to keep myself in check and in balance.  Thank you Cari!”

Laurie Sasson