My Journey Has Been My Teacher!

I developed my first health challenge when I was just 17.

I had no idea where it was going to take me…

When I was 17, I developed my first health challenge. I developed severe digestive issues. I went to the doctor and was told, incorrectly, I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was told not to worry it wouldn’t develop into to something more severe. It was due to stress… and I just had to live with it.

So I went about living with it. I managed my symptoms by eating as little as possible, basically one meal a day. I had started working as a model at 16, so noone complained about how thin I was.

What I didn’t know was I was setting the stage for a long journey of health issues.

Poor digestion, unhealthy dietary habits, and the resulting nutritional deficiencies created the environment that made my body unable to fight off infections.

So when I was exposed to mold and later lymes disease my body didn’t have what it needed to heal.

Because the root of what was wrong was never addressed my health deteriorated into a major health collapse in my mid-thirties that made walking 3-blocks a challenge. 

At 25, I had started my own production company for fashion photography. I did this for a few years until I transitioned to the production side of the film industry. I was young, and I was ambitious.

The problem was that during most of that time I was suffering from one health issue or another.

At the age of 28, unable to handle the stress I was experiencing on my job due to fatigue, I quit. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted for myself.

I began to wonder what else I could do. The Internet didn’t exist yet, so I went to the library and checked out books on subjects I liked.When I returned home, I sat on the floor with the books all around me. As I looked at all the titles a light bulb went on; every book I had checked out had something to do with health.  That was it!

I knew then that healthcare was what I wanted to do. But not just any healthcare, because of my own experience with poor health, I knew I wanted to learn a health care system that bridged the gap between the tests medical doctors do for diagnostic purposes, and natural methods that would actually help a body heal.  I started my first college course two months later. I couldn’t have imagined then where this journey would take me.

My journey to true healing began… 

Let’s jump a head about 6 years, I have graduated Chinese Medical School and was just beginning my practice, but even though I was now a health practitioner, I was getting sicker.

I was applying what I had learned, seeing good practitioners, and yet I was just getting worse.

This was when I knew I had to look deeper to find answers.

“I began to examine my diet even getting to the point of micro-managing it, because that was what I was taught to do. It helped a bit but I could tell it wasn’t going to fix my health on it’s own. I worked to “fix” my digestion, but nothing seemed to work long-term. I spent years trying to “fix my fatigue, to stop the pains I was experiencing, to just feel like I didn’t have the flu everyday.

I did everything I knew to feel better: I ended relationships, moved to different cities, and even took a 9 months sabbatical to just rest and heal. I kept looking for the “thing” that was going to make me feel better. I would take one-step forward and one and even sometimes two steps back. I’d solve one problem, only to have another show-up.

Then I realized that I was going about things in the wrong way. I was focusing on what was wrong, always finding something. I was trying to “fix” myself, as if I was broken. What if instead I built upon what worked? Instead of focusing on what didn’t work in my body, my life, my relationships, etc., I started to look for what was working. This changed everything. Mostly this changed my relationship to myself.

Today, I can say I am no longer a sick person. I no longer “struggle” to feel better, or “struggle” to have a different or better life. My life is pretty amazing. I have a beautiful husband, and two lovely step-children, a career I am grateful for everyday, and a body I love, and I mean truly love.

This experience and the 21 years I have been helping hundreds and even thousands of people improve their health, is how I developed the philosophy that is the foundation for everything I do. It is what informed Body Stress Analysis, the system I created so it doesn’t require a lifetime to heal, a system that helps you become the best version of yourself, and puts care back into your healthcare.

Because this is true, I have designed a system that is customized
to each individual’s needs.

In our work together, we will:

  • Help you nourish your body.
  • Support you to identify the choices you are making that are blocking your healing, contributing to your health issues and keeping you stuck in your life.
  • Support your body to detoxify and heal.
  • Help you identify and release Outdated Survival Programming that is hidden in your subconscious, blocking healing, and limiting your ability to make choices that support health and vitality.

“In addition to her years of scholarly study and clinical experience, she is a highly empathic human being.  She sees her patients holistically, and designs specific, personal regimens for each one.  She is kind, funny, patient, and is excelled at reading not just what her patients need, but more importantly, what they can handle.  She won’t push someone to do something that they are not in agreement with, because she knows it won’t work for them.  Her philosophy is that the client’s mind, body and emotions have to be in agreement with the treatment, for it to be effective.

The word ‘healer’ is over-used these days, but Cari Schaefer is the Real Deal.  Recommended.”

Abigail Jaye

Recording Artist & Breath Work Facilitator

“Words can not express the amount of respect and appreciation that I have for Cari.  I suffered from hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.  She helped me identify the root causes emotionally and physically.  With Cari’s amazing talent for finding the stresses that caused this condition, I was able to heal and continue to support my body.  I continue to see Cari for all my health issues.  Her love and care along with her expertise always make me feel confident that I will be taken care of.  I recommend all my clients and friends to Cari because I know they will feel better after being in her care.”

Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Reiki Master

“I was so fortunate to have found Cari Schaefer!  I suddenly had an enlarged thyroid gland, it literally looked like I swallowed a golf ball.  I reached out to Cari who was so warm and positive.  She was encouraging about the healthy life style choices I had been making, but after a detailed analysis of my diet, energy, emotions, and through muscle testing she offered me a solution that turned my life around.  After three months the thyroid gland enlargement was gone.  Now I am on daily supplements that support my energy and outlook.  I have been told by several friends and colleagues that I look younger than I did five years ago.  More importantly, I feel like I not only have a knowledgable natural medicine woman as my guide, but a lifelong friend who truly cares about the quality of my life.  Thank you Cari!”

Debra De Liso

Award Winning Theatre Artist, Faculty at USC and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts


“The Secrets to Managing Menopausal Weight Gain”

by Dr. Cari Schaefer, DACM

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