I was doing a quick news check, just to stay up-to-date, when I came across an article whose title intrigued me: “How Much Vitamin D Do You Need to Stay Healthy?”

So I decided to read a little further.

We’ve all heard in recent years how important Vitamin D is for our health. So, why is this article talking about Vitamin D not benefiting us?

In designing a study to determine if something is helpful or harmful, researchers go to great lengths to isolate the effect of that one substance.

In this case, it was found that taking Vitamin D alone did not improve health outcomes.

Holding back an eye roll here. DUH!

While getting enough Vitamin D is essential to support many systems in the body, taking Vitamin D supplements alone won’t magically transform your well-being.

Health is influenced by a multitude of factors, not just one supplement:

  • a strong self-care routine
  • a diet that is nutrient-rich
  • maintaining balanced blood sugar
  • good digestion
  • good sleep
  • …and living a life you love!

Now, that being said, if you are low in Vitamin D, taking a supplement is a really good idea. However, do not think you can take your D and continue to eat C.R.A.P., live on stress, and ignore those nagging symptoms like bloating and gas and expect to stay healthy!

If you’re not sure about your Vitamin D levels, it only takes a simple blood test to find out.

P.S. Not all Vitamin D supplements are created equal. A good Vitamin D should not require a dose higher than 5000 IU. The one I prescribe often does the trick with just 2000 IU. High doses of Vitamin D can cause other issues, so make sure what you are taking is absorbable and is doing the job.