Your body is amazing!

It is programmed for survival. It is designed to heal and flourish, but often there are obstacles that prevent this natural process.

And stress is a major one.

You’ve likely heard me talk about stress and the negative impacts it has on your health and well-being.

But did you know that often the biggest driver of stress comes from things in your body that are causing stress, not what is going on in your life? I call this type of stress internal and hidden stress and it can impact us in big ways.

A recent article introduced the concept of weathering, meaning that people’s varied life experiences affect their health by wearing down their bodies. The pressures and challenges of our relationships and the world around us are aging us from the inside out.

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Research is confirming what we already know to be true: reduce stress and you’ll reduce the aging process.

When stress enters our lives, our body moves from focusing on our daily functions to working to alleviate the stress. That means things like digestion and hormone production are taking a back seat to stress management!

This is exactly why I practice the way I do: identifying hidden stress in your body that’s making you age faster and get sick is top priority.

Helping you learn how to manage life’s stress is a key part of preparing you for a long and healthy life.

If you are feeling stressed, look around and see if the way you feel matches what is going on in your external life. If not, then I can guarantee you have hidden stress that is causing you to feel even more stressed.

Do not let hidden stress linger; it can literally rob you of your health and vitality!